i'm a thing.


when ben talks to his friends, somehow he always refers to me as “this one”. i never really realised until last weekend when they were talking about army and bringing me along for the parades and all that… he kept saying… “bring this one”, “this one ah”, “this one”

since when did i become a thing? :(






anyway, we’re halfway through! i wonder if he’s still alive actually. lol! i mean, yea obviously he’s still alive but… honestly i cannot begin to imagine how much he must stink right now. gross. no matter how much i miss him i wouldn’t want a hug now. really. no thanks… i think he has to take at least 5 good long baths before i’ll let him anywhere near me. hahaha!

oh well, i wonder if field camp will end today or tomorrow… they’re not allowed to smoke during the entire duration of the field camp (which made me very happy and i didn’t bother hiding my glee!) it’s good that they’re not letting them smoke, somehow i secretly wish they would extend field camp… then they’ll realise just how long they can survive without the smokes. i keep telling him it’s a psychological need but… which smoker would admit that right? it’s easy to blame the addiction on the nicotine, but…

there’s nothing more powerful than brain control. it overwrites pretty much everything!

pity not everyone embraces the fact that we are in control of everything. oh wells… i’m gonna try to sleep earlier tonight. somehow i get hooked on writing long blog posts late at night and end up going to bed at 3 or 4am… ben will kill me if he finds out! it’ll be quite a feat if i make it to bed by 230am tonight. hmmmm 13 minutes, i’ll make a dash for it.

ps : if you’re wondering about the photo, i like the bag. i really do. i don’t know why i like it, but i think it’s cool. i actually told ben i want it when he’s done with it, cos he refuses to buy me one cos it’s expensive. LOL!

toooodles! :)



2 responses to “i'm a thing.

  1. hahhah i like that bag too. i was very proud carrying that bag with my four numbers and a letter sticker on it (somehow looks like some prison number) whenever i book in/out of tekong(: but its coool!(:

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