What's YOUR Favourite Quote?

introducing… the newest additions to the bottlecap ring collection!

words/quotes are all hand drawn by me! :)

pick one that represents your beliefs or personality, or get one customised with your choice of text!

oct09-ouiring oct09-luck

*exclusive : oui S$18      ♥      luck is… S$16

oct09-makelovenotwar IMG_1016oct09-superficial

make love not war S$14      ♥      be loveable S$16     ♥      superficial S$16

oct09-beyourself oct09-twtltrtd

be yourself S$16     ♥     too weird to live, too rare to die S$16

and wait, there’s more!

oct09-bugsy bugsy

♥     meet bugsy! S$18     ♥      reserved for Janice

he’s a cute little lady bug who just wants to sit on your finger and follow you everywhere you go! to the mall, for tea, to dinner and wherever you’ll take him!

IMG_1530 IMG_1060

(left) a bit like gucci S$18     ♥     (right) madamemoiselle coco S$18

don’t forget shipping is free when you purchase any 5 rings, earrings, or earstuds!

see store for more details!


3 Replies to “What's YOUR Favourite Quote?”

  1. Hi Jeanine, I really like the work you do! Adorable! I am completely bought by the bugsy ring :) Can I make an order for the moment? Will like to purchase more things from your shop but am too busy to browse through. Thanks!

  2. okie, just had the time to do some online retail therapy. Please do send me an email to re-confirm my orders :) thanks! keep up the good work!
    I do know your bf Ben too, attend the same church as a kid :)

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