gosh i feel so stupid today.

i sent kino an enquiry like 3 days ago asking if they carry the CHER 2010 diary. and they usually reply my enquiries within a day but i didn’t hear from them for 3 days so i went ahead and bought the only one i found on ebay japan. S$35.

this is what the diary looks like!

Picture 15

i love it cos it has like the day scheduler with time stamps… it’s easier for me to organise my daily schedules…

and then earlier today my jaw dropped when i saw an email from kino saying that they have reserved the diary for me at taka. and it costs S$28.70.

for a whole minute i was like… WHATTTTTTTT?

i mean yea, technically it’s the same price but add shipping. sigh. now i feel like an idiot… just sent the seller on ebay a message asking if i can buy something else from her instead otherwise i’ll be stuck with two diaries. i know i can just cancel the one at kino, but i can go pick it up within 3 days… why not right? plus it’s cheaper too… and i was eyeing something else in the seller’s shop.


it was something i wanted from topshop but didn’t buy in the end cos ben was nagging at me. lol….

oh well… now i’m waiting to see if the seller is agreeable to let me swap items and top up the difference… *fingers crossed*


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