Random Funnies


okay so it’s like 237am on tuesday… and i just shut down my computer after updating the website quite abit… i miss ben, i try not to think about how much i miss him, but i do.

was watching Lost earlier, and while they were running through the jungle, i wondered how day 1 of field camp went.

and then i remembered something ben told me that day… he said  they were told, if they were chased by a wild boar in the jungle, they should not look back at it and just keep running in zig zags.


cos apparently wild boars are stupid and by running in zig zags, sooner or later they’ll probably hit a tree. hahahahaha! i sure hope there are no wild animals to deal with tho… scary thought! oh well, i guess i got through monday okay.

now we’re 3 hours into tuesday… and then we’re only left with wednesday and thursday, and i get to talk to him by friday if nothing changes. so it’s not that bad, right? i’m getting pretty good at pacifying myself i reckon! :D

oh! and… an update on the FRIDAE issue. i got an email from the webmaster on monday saying that the photos have been removed and that the person using that account has been given a stern warning. phew. at least that’s taken care of. i still wonder who it could be tho… it must be someone in my friend’s list, no? and moreover, i just realised that the account was created barely a week ago! grrrrrr.

anyway, the photo of ben was taken on saturday when we were out with his friends, we went to this awesome cheesecake place after dinner that day… i’ll tell you about it later in the day! gonna scoot off to bed soon. i’m so so tired!

night night ya’ll! : )


One Reply to “Random Funnies”

  1. What Ben says is true. run in all directions. However, wild boar’s head is so strong, the moment they hit a small tree the small tree will fall.

    Having said that, I heard wild boar meat taste good. :P

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