The Weekend

before i even got into the weekend mood, it’s gone. just like that; and baby is back in camp. sigh oh well, last night was nothing less than crazy. for me at least…

but, let’s start with dinner shall we?

after mass at cathedral, we took a bus to clark quay and had dinner at Hooters!


beef fondue and potato skins… why do they call it a fondue? i don’t think it defines a fondue, the sauces weren’t HOT! and the potato skins, well, i’ve had better at Tony Romas.. that’s gonna be our next stop i’m sure.


spicy wings! we must be addicted to be ordering it everywhere we go… they price it at $9.90 for 10 pieces, but it’s really just 5 wings split into 2 = 10. but they were pretty yummy tho… i still need to satisfy my craving for Tony Romas…

okay now on the the party at Social House…


Merete was owning the poles all night i tell you… check out the videos on facebook!

IMG_0178 IMG_0198

love the colors… haha the wonders of photoshop! (and club lighting) i don’t know what ben was doing, but i think this photo is just amusing.

okay, here’s why it was crazy… first, george accidentally punched me in the eye when we were messing around with the poles… it hurt for abit and i actually cried. but after awhile and some ice, i went to redo my eyeliner and i started running around with a slightly swollen right eye…

and then a while later, i got “iced” for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. well phil threw a whole bucket of ice over my head. well, it wasn’t intended for me, it was for sungus, but yea well… i just happened to be standing right next to him. first time to Social House luck?


that’s phil btw. see his shirt? sungus did that to him. which explains the ice bucket “revenge”


this is one photo i don’t remember taking…


now this one i vaguely remember…

Picture 23

Merete and Yama during the performance!


when most of them left i retreated to the console and started taking photos in “continuous mode”. ended up with a whole lot of totally redundant photos. hahhaha and look at ben’s tee. the light bulb really glows!

IMG_0233 IMG_0229

yup… i was on the floor… 430am i think! still pretty much sober! LOL

what a night of mayhem.

anyway, i had a 3rd incident, i mean i know i must have hit something cos i have bruises on both knees and my left knee hurts ALOT! i can even bend and straighten it without cringing up my face… it really hurts! my whole left knee cap is red and swollen… what exactly did i hit???

and it doesn’t help that ben thinks it’s funny cos i don’t even remember what i hit… he laughed when i got all wet from the ice too… my hair was literally dripping ice water… in a club!

is he really my boyfriend? he laughs at my mishaps! :(

and wait i’m not done with the events of the night… as if things couldn’t get any worse, we went for breakfast at mac’s before going home, and while waiting for ben to get our food i was gonna cleanup the messages in my phone’s outbox. but i ended up deleting all my 500 over text messages!

i stared at my phone like a retard for a good 5 mins thinking about all the messages i just deleted. and fyi, i’m still not over it.

never, ever try to delete messages at 5am. seriously. DON’T.

i really need to sleep early tonight. i’m still feeling so tired from yesterday. there’s tons more photos on facebook, and the videos, well, i’ll post them here once i get them up on 1 or 8’s youtube channel. toodles for now!

have a smashing week ahead everyone! :)


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