i'm engaged to my blog

IMG_0164 IMG_0155

my new ring finally arrived in the mail yesterday!

i should have gotten a size smaller… i actually made it a size 5.5… i think i needed a size 4. but! see the second photo? i think i’ve found a solution for rings that are too big… and it works like a gem! i put a rather thick layer of E6000 on the bottom part of the ring, and it dries to a rubbery finish.

it’s perfect! now i know the ring won’t fall off my finger, and if i my finger gets fatter, i can simply yank off the adhesive!

genius right? anyway girls, or guys… if you want to get your own ring customised,

do visit TINAHDEE international shipping is free! (for now)


i’m gonna go bathe soon and leave for church, and then dinner and SOCIAL HOUSE! my whole bed is a clothes mess cos i’ve been pulling everything out whilst trying to decide what to wear… in the end? i’m settling for a plain white tank with sheer leggings, and my favourite wooly sweater that i got from Sydney a few years back… it looks like it’s going to pour cats and dogs!


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