It's Friday, I'm in Love.

i spent over 3 hours at Eclecticism on friday afternoon! going through the stocklist, prices, re-tagging some items, and hanging out with the girls!

so to everyone who has been asking me over the years if you can buy my stuff from any shops, now you can!

Please visit :


it’s just next to Nine West!


my stuff is in the “top drawer” on the left!

the display isn’t jam-packed now, but i’ll bring more stuff to the store as soon as i can!


this is Hazel, Director of Eclecticism

and….. i LOVE the fitting rooms at Eclecticism, i’m sure you will too!


isn’t it just absolutely pretty?


makes me trigger happy! :D

anyway, i took a long train ride from orchard to pasir ris to meet ben when he booked out. gosh, train rides can be so tiring, and boring! but it was well worth it! and we had mac’s with his bunk mates! the only girl among the boys! it’s cool tho cos i’ve talked to some of them previously, so they’re cool with me too!

(or at least i think they are!)



his eyes are all over the place! >_<

love u baby!


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