Have you BVAX-ed?

I was recently invited to Better Vision for a blogger’s event, to get BVAX-ed!

BVAX is a 12 – Step Program, which aims to get an accurate assessment, correct diagnosis and prescription, based on your unique lifestyle. Upon arriving at the store, we were “enlightened” on the 12 step process, and also got our IQs tested!  To be honest I was a mix of excited and nervous, considering the last time I had my eyes tested was back in…. secondary school? That’s 10 years ago! *grits teeth. I was actually worried I would leave with glasses.

While waiting my turn, I couldn’t help trying out a whole lot of different frames, particularly the Bearbrick and Superdry ones.

Tiny bears on the sides, toooooooo cute!

The Bearbricks come in such adorable boxes! Strawberries and melons! How much cuter can they get?

The Superdry!

Would have been perfect if I actually needed glasses. But… Here’s where it got interesting. When it came to my turn (finally), I hopped into the chair and the first step was reading the alphabets and numbers on the wall, you guys know that one right? Well……… thing is, I “aced” the test. I read everything, I could read every line, right down to the teeniest tiniest bottom row! After 10 years, I was still a 6/6! :)))) Then came my question, so how am I going to tell you about my BVAX experience? Well, I guess I can’t cos my perfect eyesight doesn’t allow me to to, soooooo let me just post more photos!

I didn’t get to go through all 12 steps, but Beth did! And she ended up with new frames complete with Crizal lenses and Coach sunnies! Believe it or not, the tests revealed that she was wearing a prescription that was higher than what she actually required! I’m really glad that got rectified! Well, I may not have needed to go through the BVAX test, but I did ask to get checked out for contact lenses since I’ve never had a pleasant experience wearing colored contacts, ever. It turns out that my eye curvature is steeper than the average, no wonder the lenses never stayed in place! Everytime I tried wearing colored contacts in the past, they’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place causing immense, and I mean IMMENSE irritation, I gave up. At least now I know the cause of it.

I’ve heard my dad talk about Crizal lenses, I’ve seen adverts, but I’ve never really bothered with what they were. Speaking of dad, I really wish I had brought him to the event, he would have benefited greatly, more so than I did from the one day promo, he really needs new glasses! :/

Essilor’s Crizal UV lenses offer both front and back UV protection, a first in the market! Did you know that normal lenses do not protect your eyes from back UV reflection? In fact this is the most dangerous because it is invisible, and most glass wearers are not even aware of this threat! So, how do the new Crizal UV lenses protect your eyes?

Read more about Essilor’s Crizal UV lenses { here }

Of course, I need to know what it looks like on my head right? Ted doesn’t look too happy tho, as usual. Because I have no degree, we came to the conclusion that spending $200+ on a pair of geek glasses that I will only wear for fun doesn’t make much sense, so I ended up snagging a pair or Raybans! Finally! The real thing!

I likey! :)

Whether you are a modern City Girl who is constantly at your computer, churning out texts or numbers or a Healthy Junkie who loves to get your adrenaline flowing in high-impact gym classes, at Better Vision, you can get the right frames and lenses that are best suited for your needs, and you probably wouldn’t have to change your glasses as often as you think! With over 15 designer brands at Better Vision, you will be spoilt for choices when you are choosing your next pair of glasses.

Because seeing is believing, head on down to your nearest Better Vision store, to try out the new frames! Who say that glasses are only for the Science Geeks in school? The friendly staff are ever ready to answer all your questions and help you pick the right frame that best suits you, not just to suit your needs but also aesthetically!

Need more information? Check out Better Vision on Facebook!

I may have been blessed with perfect eyesight, but YOU should never neglect your eyesight! It’s important to keep those eyes clear and twinkly! :)

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