Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations at Häagen-Dazs

On thursday I was invited to Häagen-Dazs’ Clarke Quay Cafe for a special preview and taste test of their ice cream mooncakes! We missed the first part of the event, but we surely did not miss………..

the taste test!

This is the first thing they brought us. A sampler serving of all four mooncake flavors. There are two chocolate variations, one has a creamy chocolate ice cream centre with a dark chocolate coating, the other has a vanilla centre with a milk chocolate coating. The two make a safe choice for chocolate lovers, but trust me, you would regret not trying the other two.

Apart from the sampler plate, we were also offered a whole mooncake each. Robin asked for the milk chocolate but ended up getting the dark chocolate. (He didn’t even realise it wasn’t the one he asked for. Hahaha!)

For those of you who don’t really enjoy dark chocolate and prefer white chocolate, or something sweeter, you will love the cookies & cream flavor! I know I did, and I’m guessing it would be a favorite amongst kids too.

Now this is the one I would recommend if you have a particularly sweet tooth, the strawberry flavored “mooncake”. It was a real taste bud pleaser, with the occasional bite into a piece of fruit, and a to-die-for strawberry chocolate coating. All four flavors have a crispy praline base, think…. Ferrero Rocher. The traditional salted egg yolk centre which symbolises the full moon is replaced by a mango sorbet “yolk”. Who’d have guessed? Up until then I was wondering what salted egg would taste like with ice cream! *chuckles

I can’t decide which I was more excited about, the praline base or the mango sorbet yolk, but I particularly enjoyed the combination of strawberries and mango, truly a refreshing twist on tradition!

Robin had a little problem finishing his share. Too much chocolate for the chocolate kid?

Enjoying the mooncakes…

Dining in?

The Moonlight Resonance (left) priced at S$24++ consists of one ice cream mooncake served with fresh strawberries, mango and chocolate sauce, and a dainty glass of tea! Pick from Lemon, Chamomile, Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

Autumn Celebration (right) is a trio of decadence! The ice cream mooncake is accompanied by petite servings of strawberry ice cream, mango and passion fruit ice cream, both served in miniature glasses with crunchy waffle chips, whipped cream and refreshing slices of strawberry and kiwi. Autumn Celebration is priced at S$29++.

If you’re buying just one mooncake, they go for S$24 a piece. If you’re planning to gift these, pick up the Petite Gift Set that consists of 2 mooncakes at S$48. Need more? Get one of each flavor with the Classic Gift Set at S$68. The Classic Gift Set set saves you a whopping S$28! Great for sharing amongst friends too!

Special (timed) Promotions!

  • From 1st to 31st August, enjoy 25% off the regular price with a minimum purchase of 2 boxes.
  • From 1st to 30th September, enjoy 15% off the regular price with a minimum purchase of 2 boxes, or 20% off with a minimum of 3 boxes.

Gift vouchers are also available for the two gift sets.

The mooncakes are only available until the 30th of September, so make sure you pop into a Häagen-Dazs outlet to enjoy this special treat with your loved ones! Don’t forget, a gift from Häagen-Dazs says “You’re so special you deserve only the world’s best”.

For more information, check out Häagen-Dazs on Facebook or Häagen-Dazs.

much ♥ jeanine

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