Funk up your dress! Get ready for prom!!

Need help mixing and matching your outfits with accessories that will never go unnoticed? Check out these picks from Peacocks Renewed featuring some of my pieces! xx


‘Tis the season for prom! We know all you lovely ladies will be busy shopping for prom. Why not check out Peacocks for your prom dress? We have a wide selection ranging from elegant to feminine to funky, and the best part is you can get most dresses for around £30 or less! Don’t forget to show your student card for an additional 10% discount!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to find accessories to match your dress! Peacocks is proud to present an exclusive collaboration with accessories designer Jeanine Gabrielle! All the pieces featured in the picture above are lovingly handmade by her! Why not try out the collars with the tube dresses for a stylish twist? It is the little details that make the difference!

Want something truly special and unique? Jeanine does customizations as well. Why not ask her to make your very own necklace, bracelet…

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