One Day.

I mentioned previously that I was reading the book , “One Day”, but upon hearing they were making a movie out of it, decided to put my reading on hold. I finally watched it with Robin a couple days ago and I have to admit, my sister was right. She said movies are hardly ever as good as the books, spot on. The movie pales in comparison to the book, it seemed like the story line was just going to and fro for years, only to end in a tragic way…

That said, I’m pretty sure I will enjoy reading the book more than I enjoyed watching the movie as I’ll be able to indulge in all the nitty gritty details.

Side tracking, it’s been such a hectic week and I’m expecting an even more hectic week ahead, but I’m just gonna try to soak up what’s left of Sunday.

Some new pieces I’ve been working on that will be up in store later this week. :)

Have a great Sunday all! xx

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