Walking on the wild side with Wild Sugar.

Animal prints, leopard, specifically; can’t get enough of them. The most recent addition to my wardrobe is this leopard print maxi proudly sponsored by Wild Sugar! That’s Snakey, my new pet snake, which is of course, a fake. *chuckles

I’m very sure you girls are shopaholics just like me so here are two really sweet deals to take advantage of! :)

Win $10 store credits from Wild Sugar! Promotion ends this Sunday 1159pm and 3 lucky girls will be picked to win the credits on Monday!

1. Add Wild Sugar as a friend on Facebook.
2. Suggest a minimum of 10 friends to add Wild Sugar as a friend on Facebook.
3. Drop them a PM or write on their wall to let them know that you have suggested friends and would like to win the $10 store credits!

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING with any purchase simply by mentioning “Jeanine” when you shop at Wild Sugar.

Applicable for regular mail to local addresses only. (Singapore)

Happy shopping girlfriends! xx

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