Saturday Night TV Dinners

We decided to head home to make dinner after doing some shopping in town. (Okay, it was more so just me shopping.)  Deliberating between steak and burgers, we finally settled on burgers while grocery shopping. They turned out pretty good actually, I cooked the beef patties with red wine……. Confession, it was my first time ever making a burger. (Now you know baby.)

Got cosy with the burgers and watched Bridesmaids. However I ran off halfway through the movie to make us some dessert. Rum-spiked bananas with vanilla ice cream. Yummmmm!

Also my first time trying this, hope it didn’t disappoint Robin & Gio. See, told you it was gonna be tough keeping us away from the kitchen, we’re already thinking of what to cook up next… xx

One Reply to “Saturday Night TV Dinners”

  1. Reblogged this on Cookie's Recipe Jar and commented:
    We all can order our burgers from McDonalds or Burgerking, but hey ever thought of making your own ones? It is not hard at all and definitely tastes better

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