The Countdown to 2012

The past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy, but hey, we’re getting by just fine. In fact, I feel as if everything is back on track and things are (finally) going well again. With barely two months left of 2011, the countdown to 2012 begins, and I must say the year end plans sound really exciting.

I’m getting into spring cleaning early this year, I’ve been throwing out loads of stuff on a daily basis now. Hopefully, my room will be spick & span soon, out with the old and in with the new. Also, been trying to update my wardrobe so I got these from ASOS two days ago.


My dress for new years. Pretty sure I’ll be tempted to wear it even before new years… But I still need to find new shoes to match.

Since I’ve decided not to get bangs and let my fringe totally grow out, a headband to keep my hair in place, some days. I’m not allowed to cut my hair now cos Robin  likes my hair long, the most I’m allowed to cut off is 2cm. Maybe I’ll get away with 5cm? :/

Time is flying fast, and there are some things I can’t wait to get over and done with. Life is short, and I can’t live my life trying to please everyone around me. To each his own. xx

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