something to tweet about!

tweet tweet! i know i’ve been missing from my blog for quite awhile, but i’m back! (hopefully daily again.) anyhoooos, i’ve unprotected my tweets so everyone can see when i add new items on facebook or post design updates.

and basically, welcome to my life.

it’s 2am now and my eyes are probably gonna snap shut soon but here are a couple of sneaks of new stuff i’ll be uploading to the store later today!

i’ve got a thing for polka dots these days, they’re just so cute!

i feel very backlogged on work, and everything else. it’s like i have so much to settle and yet, i have no idea where to start. i need a break, i need to restart, i’m so tired… i don’t really want to live like this anymore…

mosaic over the weekend was fab by the way. and the fund raising event at blu jaz earlier in the week was a real eye opener. it was so heart warming to see so many people come together for a good cause… the event raised $76,000 by the way. guess i’ll leave the photos for a separate post sometime later in the week when i’ve cleared more of my workload.

i’m gonna dive into bed now (which really means in the next hour) … goodnight!

♥ jean

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