strawberry bits in every bite!

my parents went off to ritz for an overnight “vacation” yesterday so i was left all alone with no clue about what was in the fridge/freezer. was too busy anyways, so i made strawberry pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs! wished i had whipped cream, i should really buy a can, you never know when you’ll need it!

wanted to try something other than good ol’ maple syrup, so i heated condensed milk, milk, butter and a weeee bit of honey for the “sauce”. not the best substitute for whipped cream but it was alright! still wish i had whipped cream tho. pfffffttttt. i should really grocery shop more… mummy doesn’t buy things that i would use… like, cream cheese for pies, whipped cream for pancakes, heavy cream for sauces, and more cheeses for mac & cheese!

but i’m glad the pancakes turned out nice and fluffy! +brownie points!

I WANT a waffle maker!

no wait, I NEED one, IT’S A NEED!

♥ jean


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