Pancakes Please!

I love pancakes, and once you’ve tried pancakes with fresh strawberries and freshly whipped Chantilly cream, there’s just no going back.


If you prefer taking the easy route and using a pre-mix, whipping up some Chantilly cream will take you no more than 10 minutes, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to make your pancakes from scratch, here’s a recipe that works for me. Bon appetite! :)

Ingredients :

  • 1½ cups plain flour
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder (NOT SODA! Orginal recipe uses 3½ teaspoons)
  • ½ teaspoon salt (Original recipe uses 1 teaspoon)
  • 1 tablespoon white sugar
  • 11⁄4 cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled

How to :

  • In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix until smooth.
  • Heat a lightly oiled (I use butter) frying pan over medium high heat.
  • Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, brown on both sides and serve warm.

Tips :

  • Wait till you see bubbles popping in the centre before flipping.
  • Do not pat on your pancakes while cooking!
  • You can whip up a whole batch of Chantilly cream and keep them stored in the freezer, they freeze really well.
  • Sift some icing sugar over your pancakes and strawberries, this will help with sweetening sour berries!

Eat my heart.


Honey pancakes with buttered bananas and strawberries.

Made a beeline for the kitchen last week during the public holiday, and realised how much I miss whipping up yummies from time to time. This time I added about three teaspoons of HONEYSPREE‘s Creamy Clover Honey to my pancake batter for a slight hint of natural sweetness. I really love the fact that they are adorably heart-shaped, you can get the pancake mold from Daiso! Pretty sure it works with eggs too, although I have yet to try that.

If you missed my previous pancake post containing the recipe I used, >>> ♥ READ IT HERE ♥ <<<

Sometimes following recipe measurements isn’t enough to make it good, the right amount of milk so they don’t spread too thin, the quality of the flour and eggs can determine the taste… How much butter to use so it doesn’t stick to the pan and yet not turn out too greasy, and then you still have to know when to flip it so it doesn’t burn. It’s much like everything else in life, making pancakes; it takes practice to get it right. But when you put a few things together correctly, with the right treatment, in the right amounts, you’ll always get something good that will be well worth the effort. :)

Have a great week ahead! xx

something familiar… and a very basic pancake recipe

Honey pancakes with fresh strawberries… ♥

It’s been awhile since I’ve spent time in the kitchen, apart from last week when I made Hollandaise sauce with poached eggs. (Maybe I should write about that too…) It’s been even longer since I’ve had pancakes, so I decided to make some! I usually use a buttermilk pancake mix but I was feeling “original” so I made this from scratch. The original recipe claims to yield FLUFFY pancakes, but mine were anything but fluffy. I still liked how they turned out though, quite like Robin’s german pancakes, just that I didn’t add any salt to mine. If you’ve tried the pancakes at Ikea, this one comes pretty close.

A very basic pancake recipe:

1 cup self-raising flour

1 cup milk

1 egg

 Don’t think I have to go into how to make them, right? I don’t know if it was my choice of flour that caused them to not be fluffy but I did follow the recipe,  I did add about two tablespoons of honey to the mix though, gives it a subtle taste of honey! Best enjoyed with tons of butter and soaked in pancake/maple syrup. Whip cream is optional but it is a very welcome addition, especially coupled with fresh strawberries. It’s a real treat! These pancakes keep well too, I kept about 4 of them and ate them two days later and they were still yummy after being warmed up.

Enjoy! :)

mmmmmm pancakes! ♥

you all already know how much i love pancakes, right?

well this… this is absolute pancake heaven. some time ago Sarah who writes at Sarah’s Loft hosted a PANCAKE CHALLENGE. i’m not kidding.. not a pancake eating challenge but a challenge to create the yummiest pancake! Ed & his sister Rachel definitely did not sit out on this challenge and they came in 4th with their earl grey infused pancakes with caramelised bananas & blueberry compote. *gasppp. just saying that makes me crave. congrats to you two! :)

Sarah's Loft Great Pancake Challenge Results! ED: Hey guys! The much anticipated results are out! THE GREAT PANCAKE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!! We didn’t win. )): but we got 4th! Check out her page to see what other contestants popped out of their pans! … Read More

via cinnamonsin

these are oatmeal pancakes with strawberry sauce that took 3rd place… oatmeal pancakes… i can’t quite imagine how they’d taste but i might just have a go at it sometime! *tummy rumbles

( read all about the Pancake Challenge here )

pssstttttt : selected recipes included! *happy dance! :)

♥ jean

wednesday brunch

…my favourite scrambled eggs & baby pancakes

wednesday i’m in ♥

i put luncheon meat in the scrambled eggs this time, it was extra yummy! too good! enough energy to work through wednesday now… i should be back tonight with more store updates, so check back later. (hint : think fuzzy wuzzies)

but meanwhile, check out ed’s new pizza post on cinnamonsin!

( pizza photo credits to cinnamonsin )

it just triggered a major pizza craving that needs to be satisfied soon…

♥ jean

strawberry bits in every bite!

my parents went off to ritz for an overnight “vacation” yesterday so i was left all alone with no clue about what was in the fridge/freezer. was too busy anyways, so i made strawberry pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs! wished i had whipped cream, i should really buy a can, you never know when you’ll need it!

wanted to try something other than good ol’ maple syrup, so i heated condensed milk, milk, butter and a weeee bit of honey for the “sauce”. not the best substitute for whipped cream but it was alright! still wish i had whipped cream tho. pfffffttttt. i should really grocery shop more… mummy doesn’t buy things that i would use… like, cream cheese for pies, whipped cream for pancakes, heavy cream for sauces, and more cheeses for mac & cheese!

but i’m glad the pancakes turned out nice and fluffy! +brownie points!

I WANT a waffle maker!

no wait, I NEED one, IT’S A NEED!

♥ jean


Apple Cinnamon Pancakes ♥

Pancakes are absolute ♥ for breakfast or brunch. They’re really easy to make with ready pancake mixes you can grab off the shelf, but if you’re bored of the plain old pancakes, experiment and add fruits or even chocolate into the mix!

I recently experimented with apple and cinnamon! Had the photos on facebook which sparked some interest, so I’ll try to share my kitchen adventures more! =)

I diced the apples and cut a couple wedges for garnish sake. I simmered the apples for about 10-15 in a mix of orange juice, raw sugar and cinnamon powder. I use ground cinnamon powder instead of the actual spice so it’s less overpowering.

If you want your apples crunchy, cook them less. If you like them softer, boil  them until they get soft. I don’t really follow measurements to the tee when I cook, so just use your instincts! Cooking is all about trial and error!

Follow the mixing proportions on the box, but if you like thicker pancakes, use a little more flour. Once the apples are cooked, add them to the mix. You can save the reduction for later. (It makes a really yummy toffee like candy if you leave it to harden!)

That’s pretty much it, I’m sure you girls already know how to fry pancakes… You’ll end up with something this!

I like extra butter and tons of pancake syrup on mine. You can also add mashed or sliced bananas if apple doesn’t quite entice… I’m thinking blueberry pancakes too pretty soon…

If you like ice cream, the caramelized apples would make an awesome topping! Which reminds me, I should probably make more apple crumble soon. It was a winner during the Christmas festivities!

Bon Appétit! ♥


SUPERDOG has been around for long enough, but ben and i just got down to giving it a shot with the other boys on friday…

the verdict?  it’s pretty good!

although the spicy italian bratwurst i had wasn’t spicy at all, the meat was good. and the portions are more “realistic” unlike Carl’s Jr, we actually managed to finish the chilli cheese fries. no more food wastage! :)

they have a whole range of pancakes on the menu for breakfast! banana walnut, chocolate chip or plain if that’s your cup of tea… i definitely want to try their breakfast some day!

click here to go check out what else is on the SUPERDOG menu!


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