A Flower A Day..

We know that an apple a day supposedly keeps the doctor away, but what would a flower a day do?

Growing older, our bodies only get more worn out over time… So I thought, perhaps starting on supplements at a younger age would be substantially beneficial. For us girls, evening primrose oil is probably one of the most common and recommended supplements to start with… Why? Cause it helps our bodies cope with (the much dreaded) PMS, cramps, hormonal imbalance, you know, the things that make you cranky when it comes to that time of the month. I did some googling and found out the it also helps with cases of eczema.

My eldest sister said she had previously put on weight while she was taking evening primrose oil, which made me a little hesitant, but I figured if that really happens, I could afford the extra kgs anyway! I’ve been taking Ocean Health’s primrose oil capsules for about a month now, just one capsule a day every evening.

So, does it really help?

I don’t really get period cramps to begin with, so I wouldn’t really know if they help ease the pain but i do believe that my “time of the month outbreak” was greatly controlled! You know how the week before you get your period your skin tends to get all cranky and suddenly zits pop up overnight? This time i got through it just fine! It could be also that i’ve switched to Eucerin, and am religiously sticking to the same product which is working, but I guess the primrose does take some of the credit.

It’s only been a month but my skin looks a lot better than it used to. You girls may think I might look doll-like, but the (ugly) truth is that I used to have really bad skin, especially when i was in secondary school-poly! It was a nightmare, and there were days that I had zits so huge I would come up with all sorts of excuses to not go anywhere… The woes of growing up i guess? Although some people are just plain lucky to be born with immaculate skin. *jealous

Anyways, I didn’t want to list all the pros & cons of taking evening primrose oil cause that would be way too wordy and it’s 340am and I’m just about ready to crash. I hope you girls find this insightful though!

please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences if you’re taking supplements too!

night night girls! ♥ jean

2 Replies to “A Flower A Day..”

    1. mmm the price varies depending on which brand you get. the one i bought retails at $60-$70. but it’s really huge though…. i was lucky, it was on sale when i bought it from watsons so i only paid about $40 if i’m not wrong :)

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