How Bold Can You Go?

I managed to finish these two pieces earlier… They’re going into the Perpetual Spring Collection on

Everyone’s loving them on Facebook and I’m glad cos I spent pretty much the entire day on them. I’ve seen similar pieces to the nude florals piece selling for over $100! Designer and high end brands, of course.

It’s just past 2am now and I’ve just completed another piece! Photos from my blackberry don’t do the piece justice so I’ll leave that for tomorrow… (or later, rather) Just a hint tho, more ruffly flowers, but in black and…….. pearls of course! I always love the black and pearls combination, always chic, always classy and so easy to match!

I love this new font I downloaded, it’s called Impact Label, I got it off I spent over an hour looking for it cos I forgot what the font was called… It looks so old school like the dymo tapes we used to use. Old school is gold!

I should be adding these to the store tomorrow but if anyone wants to do a quick grab (cos i might not do remakes for these) leave me a comment or email me at

I’m so gonna hit the sack now. Night night ya’ll! =)

♥ jean

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