Stay Home Fridays…

Pretty much what took up my entire friday… I did get other designs done as well but this was friday’s main focus. I’m so tired now it’s 3am and I’m quite ready to crash. Hopefully not in front of my laptop tho… This week pretty much flew by without me even realising it. I really wish i had more time to work on stuff but there’s just so many things i have to juggle right now! I’ll leave that “story” for later… meanwhile…

SAY HELLO TO MY mario piranha PLANT pet!

( almost got this confused with plants vs zombies )

Had a sudden urge to make this and now it’s just sitting in front of me on my latop. Makes a pretty cool “laptop pet” tho… Thoughts anyone? All i know is that i’m the zombie now and i should really hit the sack…

goodnight ya’lllll! =)

lotsa weekend ♥, jean

4 Replies to “Stay Home Fridays…”

  1. Hi there babe,

    If I wish to have something like these, can you make? If possible, u can email me with your quote!

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