I Just Want It Louder

Katy B.,I really love her tone. I’m pretty much hooked on these two songs now. The strings on Perfect Stranger is absolute loveeee. I like the whole “live mixing” concept in the video. See how much goes into a song?

I spent all day doing design drafts… Took breaks inbetween to try to get organised. I can’t believe it’s already thursday. Seriously, I could use a few extra hours a day at the rate I’m going. It’s either my days are getting shorter or time is passing doubly quick these days. But I’m finally picking up my new boots later today! FINALLY! I’ve got tons of new clothes for the weekend as well. Makes me uber happy! But also puts me in a “what to wear to which event dilemma…”

it’s like 126am now,

promise to self : i will jump into bed BY 2AM.

much ♥, jean

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