Key-p Me Company!

Been working on a couple more customisations these week! More keyrings to keep those keys company!

Here are a couple I just completed :)

“THE LFK” is my friend, Paul. Meanie Paulie, remember? That’s his “DJ name”. And it seems like spongebob has got himself tons of fans! Lots of people have been asking to have him on their keyrings… Lucky you Spongebob!

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to update the site but I put alot of things on hold cos my mind just hasn’t been working quite right until now… I’m gonna be intensely updating, but just to share, here are some new hama bead keyrings that will be available in store very soon! =)

I’ve also just updated the earstuds page with about 10 new designs!

Oscar, Patrick and Mr Bump! These are all hand drawn and Patrick is a tiny 1.7cm tall! He’s uber cute, you have to see for yourself! For those of you who lean more towards girly sophistication, then you’ll love these new additions! There are also a couple that i only have one pair of… think vintage!

( Click here to check out the rest! )

♥ jean

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