The Story of My Blackberry

Okay, for those of you who didn’t catch wind of the situation…

This was yesterday…

So… What happened after the video was, I went down to the Singtel shop at Causeway Point, hoping they would be able to open up my BB and see if it was still wet. And I took a bus there, which was like half an hour from my place… BUT! When I got there I was told I had to go down to ComCentre cos they didn’t have technicians there… And I had less than 3 hours till closing.

I should have seen it coming, the solution was a replacement. I could have gotten it for free. I COULD HAVE. If my very itchy fingers didn’t remove a tiny little white sticker which measured like what 2mm on top of the screw. When I opened my phone to check and saw that white circle on top of the screw, I thought what the hell is that and I took it off thinking it looked like a hindrance.


When the guy said that was the seal, I swear, I almost cried. Bye bye $262.50. Hello new BB. Yea, I guess even I have bimbo moments…

I’VE LEARNT MY LESSON, the hard way.

So, since I lost $400 from my wallet at Butter and had to pay $262.50 to get a new BB, I’m officially gonna starve myself for a month or until I double recover whatever unnecessary money I spent in the whole month of October.  I only had bread from Bread Talk, a cookie & broccoli cheese soup from Quiznos. Talk about being depressed…

Please feel free to feed me during this time =)

Hope everyone’s having a better week than I am… Ciaoooooo

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