Advertorial : Little Miss Organised.

you have to leave home in a hurry, but you need a bag change cos the bag you used yesterday doesn’t match today’s outfit… so you throw everything into today’s bag and run out of the house… the next thing you know, you’re digging for your pen, your ipod, your phone, the other side of your earrings… and you start wondering how many things fell onto your bed instead.

frustrating ain’t it?

which is why someone invented Bag Organisers! what would we do without them?

sure, most bags have phone compartments, but that’s not enough for a bag girl…

date book, check. pens, check. wet tissues, check. blackberry, check. ipod, check. ear piece, check. shades, check!

you’ll know exactly where everything is from a bird’s eye view!

bag organisers makes switching bags a breeze! just take the whole thing out of yesterday’s bag and plonk it into today’s! you won’t miss out any small items anymore, and it saves alot of time as compared to transferring one item at a time.

unlike most bag organisers i have seen that are built in a rectangular shape, this particular bag organiser from XQUISIS is “freeform”, so it’ll fit any bag shape and size. making it perfect for those bucket bags. plus, it’s slim and practically weightless, but oh so functional!

it’s got a whole lot of different slots for pens, note books, etc.

a flap compartment to stash your girly necessities,

or a change of accessories for the night’s party!

this bag organiser is available at XQUISIS for just $10.90.

i’m also in love with all the shoes that they bring in!

i got a pair of the “Jolie Velvet Heels” which i wore for the Globetrotter music video shoot!

these Louboutin inspired heels even spot the signature red base! get them for a very affordable price of $26.90!

Preorder for heels and flats at Xquisis open till 30th April! (I’m already eyeing about 3 pairs myself…)

don’t forget to make use of the FREE SHIPPING deal! :)

love, jean

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