Friday Lovelies :)

managed to finish more customisations when i got home from yesterday’s shoot at neng’s… i was struggling to keep my eyes open tho.

i haven’t been sewing these floral cosies for a while, but they’re back! here’s one for Si Min, made to fit her E71.

and couple keyrings for Eva and her dear Michael :)

his has got a hand drawn pudding charm! font used for this pair is Georgia Italics.

ps : please note that the ballet shoes are currently out of stock.

love, jean

4 Replies to “Friday Lovelies :)”

  1. Wish I had the sense to get u to customise for my E71 for me. Duno why the thought din occur to me. the one I bought fm ya previously din fit :(((((((…it’s sitting pretty in my drawer now. SIgh

  2. hey jeanine!

    love the cosy(: really can’t wait to use it! it’s really timely too, cause my baby bunny chewed my current phone pouch! it’s as if she knew i just bought a mighty lovely phone cosy! (:


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