Still at it…

i’ve been working on more customisations…

i’m in love with this rock ring. i might just put it up on the site for sale… seconds anyone?

and, the rest of Maggie’s order!

i also put together some new earstuds…

the mini cameo ones are going for $8 a pair. these super cuties came in all the way from UK! (very limited stock)

and the silver pyramids are $5 a pair. these are pretty small, they measure 0.7cm. (small enough for school right?)

…and a new necklace!

all petals are individually cut from red felt and sewn together, each has a glass beaded centre. this took me a good couple of hours to put together…

if you’re ready to make a fashion statement, grab the blood pansies necklace for $39.

love, jean

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