I'm Back! :)

well sorta… and trying very hard to catch up. so, let’s start with some customisations i managed to finish up. sorry for taking longer than usual huns!

a foldover pouch and two iphone cosies to go!

Maggie ordered some keyrings for the girls…

she got rings too but i’m still working on them, will add photos once they’re ready!

and Vivien got two rings and a necklace…

gee i can’t believe it’s friday already… one more video shoot tomorrow… ppfft. hope you all had a less intense week. :S

i’ll upload photos of the lambo and bentley soon enough!

4 Replies to “I'm Back! :)”

  1. oh gosh jeanine! it’s exactly how i imagined it’d look like! i love my stuffs! and i cant wait to receive them! :) thank you so much once again!

  2. I would like to order a bottlecap ring with a panda pic and the wording ‘penda’ below it.
    eg. the doremon

    How much will that be?


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