Beauty Book : My Favourite Concealers!

panda eyes, red spots, ugly zits, pimple scars…. oh what would the world be without concealers? i personally will not survive without concealers, really.

over the years i’ve tried countless different brands, but i’ve been using these for over a year, and i have no complains! i’ll probably be sticking to these concealers for a long time to come…

1. lemon aid USD$20 from Benefit

this one is a miracle worker, it instantly brightens up your eyes upon application! you’ll be amazed at how this yellow tone concealer works… i’ve been using a small cake of it from my last Benefit order, and this time around i just had to grab the full size tub! definitely love this!

2. erase paste USD$26 from Benefit

okay, so USD$26 is a little pricey for a concealer, but a little erase paste goes a long way. i got my first tub when i got it as a gift for my birthday last year in may, and i still haven’t exhausted it! it’ll probably last me another month or two, or even more who knows, but i decided to stock up on a new tub since i was ordering in a new tub of boi-ing. it’s a thick, creamy concealer that is super blendable! and it really does an awesome job with concealing those spots.

3. boi-ing USD$18 from Benefit

if you’ve used MAC’s concealers, this one is quite similar. i use this under the eyes to conceal dark circles and any other areas that are of uneven skin tone.

ps : Benefit is currently offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders totalling more than USD$85, so grab your girlfriends and grab some make up! :)

pps : i’ve just listed this blog on NetworkedBlogs on Facebook and i need 8 more people to verify that i am the author! i know it sounds quite silly, but yup, protocol… please (click here) to help me get verified and also “follow” my blog! much loves!

One Reply to “Beauty Book : My Favourite Concealers!”

  1. I love benefit Erase paste concealer. Its great for spots and dark circles under eyes( even better YSL Touche Eclat). Its not too heavy and drying for sensitive eye area. I think its the best concealer I have used in long time.

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