Beauty Book : Exfoliators

okay, some time ago, Elaine actually emailed me asking me about skin care products i use and i promised her i would answer all her questions in a blog post so everyone else can benefit from the info… okay, it wasn’t some time ago, it was quite awhile back. Elaine, i’m sorry this took so long! to make up for it, i’m gonna do one beauty book post everyday this week, we should cover everything by the end of the week, i hope.

for starters, exfoliators!

everyone must have an exfoliator, MUST! i like these two cos they’re gentle enough to use everyday. but, which one’s better?

to be honest i was totally sold on Cure becos of the advertisements and all the praise it got, i’m down to half a bottle… it works, but it’s a lil pricey at over $30 a bottle… i like the fact that it pumps out of a bottle tho, perfect for those who find it a chore to twist open a tube… (like me)

the Ginvera one is alot more affordable, it claims to remove your blackheads in one rub, but don’t count on it entirely. it does claim to have alot more benefits than Cure tho, but i think they both do a pretty equal exfoliating job… so if you’re not quite ready to spend $30+ on an exfoliator, i’d suggest you try Ginvera’s green tea marvel gel.

now let me go exfoliate and think about tomorrow’s beauty book topic. :)

love, jean

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