More Customisations!

left : customised wood tile ring for Phyllis

right : customised bracelet with hand-drawn charms for Percia’s little girl

to make customisations easier in 2010, i’m working on putting together a customisations page! it’s still in the works, but it’ll definitely be done soon :)

stick tight for updates!

love, jean

5 Replies to “More Customisations!”

  1. hey! i love the customised ring very much.. and you came up with the design very fast, efficient customer service.. looking forward to more unique designs from you.

    thanks a lot! will be back for more customisations :)


  2. Love the bracelet. M sure my gal will be v happie with her customised bracelet. Hope u can find barney shade of purple soooooooooooooon….Happie new year.

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