Hello 2010!

looking back on 2009, it was indeed the year of “first time experiences”.

i modelled for a blog shop, got featured in CLEO magazine.

helped with 1 or 8 Faction’s launch event and secured sponsors for the first time…

then i got selected to be ClubCouture’s Fashion Ambassador for 2010, and the list goes on and on…

2009 also saw a total change in my relationships, for the first time i knew how it felt to be with someone for a year. for the first time i spent Christmas with the same partner… all the things i was worried that i’ll never know in the past, i experienced in 2009.

now that we’ve moved in to a new year, all that’s left of 2009 are memories and lessons learnt.

i wonder what new experiences 2010 will bring…

but i’ll leave you with this for now…

follow your dreams, stay true to yourself, and never let anyone take away what you believe in.

cheers to a creative year ahead! :)

love, jean

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