fight those zits!

if you’re like me and hate waking up to find a “bleached” patch on your pillow, then you’re gonna like this.

not quite your average pimple cream, this “Xin Fu Man Ling” cream claims to kill demodex mites in 1 minute and resolves pimples in 3 days. It helps to balance the sebum on the skin as well as activate the skin’s natural healing processes. Regular use will keep the skin smooth, fair and soft. It does not interfere with the skin’s metabolism and the creme is odourless, light, silky and transparent upon application.

The Xin fu man ling creme is a medicated cosmetic prepared exclusively by Guangzhou’s Guangdetang Pharmaceutical Factory. It kills demodex mites and bacteria, diminishes inflammation, stops itching, regulates sebum production, protects the skin and improves its appearance. This product is especially effective in treating acne, demodectic rosacea, thickened skin, brandy nose, itching face etc. When used non-medically, as part of a skin care regimen, it maintains and improves the normal health of the skin, causing it to become delicate, moisturized and attractive.

it does what it claims.

it doesn’t dry out your skin leaving it patchy and scaly like creams that contain benzoyl peroxide do… and, it won’t bleach your pretty bed sheets. plus it has a very pleasant scent too!

get a tube for S$15.80 from The Jamu Shop

ps : price include registered mail by singpost. they accept payments by paypal or bank transfer.

start fighting those zits while keeping your sheets pretty!


10 Replies to “fight those zits!”

  1. Hey I just bought one still waiting for shipping. But yesterday I went to do a search via baidu I found out that the one sold by jamu shop is not a real one. The real one is produced by Shang dong. U can see the comments here and Now I am getting worried, I sent an email to jamu shop to ask for an explaination but no reply yet. Do u feel that you are dependent on the cream ? Cause many ppl say it has some ingredients that will cause you to be dependent on it.

  2. i’m actually not actively using this cream anymore…
    right now i’m using Mario Badescu’s drying cream.

    it’s not a bad cream tho, it did help. worth a try! :)
    i didn’t understand a single word on the two links you showed me tho.
    sorry… my chinese really sucks! :S

  3. Haha is ok. =]. these two sites are talking abt the cream being exposed by local authorities that it was manufactured illegally. The original brand seems to be another brand from Shang dong. I sent an mail to jamushop but thier reply is vague. So now really don’t what to do. Honestly speaking I have real problematic skin since the start of my ance problem 10 yrs ago. I started to feel real depress desperate to find solution. Haha sorry for pouring out my feelings here. Your skin seems flawless to me. Envy.

    1. it seems flawless, but i still do struggle with my skin sometimes!
      especially during that time of the month. but over the years it has gotten alot better!
      when i was in secondary school it was really bad… i had those big painful zits that you could practically stick a needle into and pop… i’ve tried alot of different stuff, but not everything works for everyone i guess…

      it’s gotten quite alot better i’d think.
      make sure you’re not under too much stress too! what sort of zits do you get? maybe i could help with recommending some useful products? be glad to help! :)

  4. Hi, thanks for your help =]. perhaps I should give you an overview of my skin problem. Hope u don’t mind is too long!i am a skin sufferer for almost 10 yrs. My skin problem started from blemishes to ance prone and is getting worse and worse. Now my skin condition is sensitive ance prone red patches on my cheeks open pores and scarring (includes pitholes). I am starting to get depress as i have tried many many methods and spent lots of money to cure my skin but is no valid. I am starting to lose hope & hates to go out. I am now 20 to me my teenage days are not happy at all. I really hope to cure my skin, i want to regain my confidence and enjoy the remaining yrs of being young and beautiful. I am really afraid that my young days are filled of unhappiness and depression. To make matter worse, my body’s skin is not much better, i am a sufferer of brown spots everywhere!!!! I really envy those girls who have good skins since they are born. My skin condition is starting to affect me seriously as i dun even have the mood to study or do other things. I even pray to gods for help!!(really desperate after 10 yrs of trying) I started to visit a dermatologist last yr but my confidence in her is low cause i dont think that there is any improvement. I am starting to think should i change dermatologist? but i dont know which one to try and my cash budget, it makes me even headace. Than I chanced upon jamushop thinking of giving it a try than end up like this. Haiz. Btw, jamushop reply me say if I want can ask for refund. Do u think i should give it a try? Many ppl say it contains Stilmutant that will cause relapse of pimples if stop using. What do u think ? How is it when u stop using?

    1. first things first, CHEER UP!
      in order for your skin to improve, you need to be optimistic, that’s very important.
      lots of people go through years of “bad skin” growing up. i was like you too! when i had bad breakouts back then, i wouldn’t go to school without trying to conceal the spots… i know what it’s like when you get out there, you feel like everyone is looking at your skin. but take comfort in the fact that you’re really not alone. there are many people around who share your woes.

      now that you’ve mentioned the stimulant in the cream, you might actually be right… so unless you don’t mind using the cream for a very long period perhaps you could try something else…. have you seen the Bioskin P2X ad on tv? i don’t know if that’s worth a try, but it does sound promising.

      i would actually highly recommend you try using Mario Badescu’s products, it’s available at Sephora, but i don’t suggest you buy it there cos i checked and the prices are almost triple the prices online. the buffering lotion is very effective, it worked wonders for me really.

      for starters, (if you’re skeptical) you can try this kit:

      there’s actually a dermatologist in singapore that uses Mario Badescu’s products if i’m not wrong. can’t remember which one tho, will let you know if i figure it out.

      PS : if you want to try the Drying Cream, my tub is still like full cos i use very little each time, i can send you a sample of it and you can see if it works for you :)

  5. Wow! A million thanks for your help! I feel more at ease after your comfort. Ya you exactly say out what I feel and worse of all, I have a neigbour who has flawless skin and good figure. She is so aloof making me think that she is kinda of looking down on me! Perhaps is my own self esteem that is working . Really, you would send me a sample? Thanks lots =] . Maybe you can tell me your acc no? Than I transfer you the postage fee? Thanks

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