i'm feeling…

too tired to blog.

it’s 209am and i’m just about on the verge of leaning backwards and falling onto my bed and just totally crashing.

but wait, po has something to show off…

Photo 254

my new pair of “geek specs”! isn’t po just adorable?

i bought it at far east that day with ben… oh wait till you see his. LOL

oh well, have to run down to funan later in the day to get windows installed on my mac, then hopefully by tomorrow i can have yahoo sitebuilder running on my mac and i can start updating the totally un-updated stocks. hate it when technology isn’t on my side.

i also need to major de-stash my wardrobe. i have tons and tons of new pieces that i have not worn at all! from shoots and all… ugh, so much to do so little time. and it’s already tuesday. i feel so unproductive. on one hand it’s good that time flies cos it means i get to see ben soon, but then again, i don’t seem to be getting anything done these days… how come!!?!?

i’ll go think about that as i lie in bed. maybe for a minute, if i don’t crash in the next 30 seconds, that is.

…23 days to POP!


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