time to run on parallels.

so i was talking about my pc “dying” on me, and my sudden decision to maintain jeaninegabrielle.com on my mac instead but can’t becos yahoo sitebuilder doesn’t run on a mac os, right?

well, i was talking to keng how from massive outfit that day, and he’s the only person who gave me a really really good idea.

run parallels on mac!

duhhh. how come no one else came up with that idea? how come i didn’t think of that? well, i’m glad the solution surfaced, otherwise i’ll still be pissed at yahoo for being so mac-unfriendly.

yahoo, for that fact, i still don’t like you.

so it’s gonna be one hell of a busy week ahead. i’m hoping i can get the parallels and windows installed tomorrow. cos it’s gonna take hours to download the entire website content onto my mac before i can start re-working on the site. it’s a daunting thought, but at the same time i’m really excited too. cos everything is on my mac now, and when i updated the web on my pc, i had to transfer everything to my thumb drive first… that’s why i always felt lazy. i think working from one place will put lots of things in order… but that also means,

i need an external hard drive!

(is that an obvious enough hint?)

which reminds me, i’ve been wanting to do up some christmas gift idea posts, but with this whole pc problem and my hungover weekend, things have taken a backseat. time to get serious!


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