Meet MehBit!

couple weeks back, i was asked to custom-make a plush toy…

his name is MehBit.

he is the official mascot for a youth mental programme, CHAT.

this is him half done. i spent all day trying to figure out how to get him to stand on his own! he finally can!

anyway, if you’re wondering… MehBit is a monster from Planet Ting. Among the Tingerians, he is known to be the master of sound advice. Though he may look nonchalant at times, he actually has a warm heart that cares for human and Tingerians alike.

i’m really glad to be able to be a part of something beneficial. maintaining a healthy state of mind is crucial especially during the growing years… trust me, i’ve been there.

( click here to find out more and be a fan on facebook! )

will update more about MehBit soon! have a fab weekend everyone!

love, jean

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