she's rockin' and she knows it.

okay random title but these black, white and silver pieces definitely channel a rock chic vibe!

enjoy! :)


left : grey satin rose headband S$12

right : zipper rose headband S$14

(remakes for both will vary in shape)


*exclusive! a hairband for the chanel fan! S$15

white chanel logo is hand drawn and hand cut, and sits on a double layer bow!

(okay, not. just a small bow and a big one)

IMG_7385 IMG_7375

left : coco was her name S$10

a bow on a round of ruffles, topped with a faux pearl. very simple and chic!

right : medieval ruffles S$10

the usual suspects love this one! grab a remake while it lasts! rock it baby!

IMG_7335 IMG_7328

left : nautical ruffles S$10

also available in cream. limited remakes tho!

right : vintage floral studs S$5 – sold out

IMG_7346 IMG_7370

left : trio of pins S$9

wear them together or alone, in a clutter on in a straight line, it’s really up to you!

right : *exclusive! vintage stunner brooch S$15

a vintage button, half flower, a bit of crochet, cream ruffles and topped with faux pearls and glass beads. this will make a white blazer or cardi very vintage pretty!

♥ xoxo ♥

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