4th of August Happenings

hello people!

tell me it isn’t thursday already. i barely got anything done this week and it’s thursday??? big big sigh! anyway, some sneaks from tuesday’s photoshoot.


okay, just TWO.

and then we had dinner at AJISEN RAMEN! possibly one of my new “go-tos” for a tom yam fix since ben won’t let me have my thai express. for the record, i don’t really take spicy food, but i’m a tom yam nut. really. i get a certain high from spiciness. hahaha. the one at Ajisen isn’t really spicy, the soup is rich yet still has that tangy tom yam taste!




and this one was beef ramen.


ben with his california makis. hey it’s quite a good deal i reckon… (he sure likes his obsession tee from FOE!)

for $14.80 you get a bowl of ramen, a drink, and a side dish… plus UOB cards get 10% off the total bill!

and after dinner… which was at bishan btw, we went back to thomson plaza for a meeting with the 1 or 8 boys. and if you haven’t already been introduced…


this is Yama, aka THE MONKEY KING


and this is George! (not of the jungle. just George)

intenseeeee event planning in progress so please do not disturb! nah just kidding. stick around for more juicy event details… back to work!


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