The Perpetual Spring Collection

Tulle Princess $42

Which girl doesn’t fancy a dreamy floral piece? This is my current favourite!

Tulle Princess in Nude Beige is a neutral and versatile piece which can be dressed up or dressed down, it might just be on the dressier side but still great with casuals!

Consisting of 3 fabric rosettes and 2 singed fabric flowers with a touch of tulle, the piece is completed with faux pearls. The chain is silver, however you may request to switch to a brass chain if you prefer a more rustic look.

Please be informed that this piece is available by remake only, do allow up to a week for the remake to be completed after payment is received.

Ivory Rose $39

Here’s another piece that has been remade over and over. I don’t know, there’s just something so simple yet elegant about a full ivory piece. 

If I remember correctly, this was called the Roxy Rose, I’ve decided to simplify it and call it “Ivory Rose” after going through a whole ton of other names like…. Pretty in white, Ivory Princess….. Anyway!

Consists of 3 handsewn fabric rosettes and 2 singed fabric flowers, comes with brass chain.

Black & Blue $39

I have lost count of how many versions this piece has gone through! There was also a felt version of this. And now I’ve brought it back and “updated” it again! 

Unlike the previous version which had a raw edge blue flower, this version consists of 3 handsewn fabric rosettes and 2 singed fabric flowers, one black and one blue. 

Comes with a gun metal black chain.

Crochet Blooms (Pastel Pink) $25

It’s girly without being over the top, making it an easy piece to add to almost any outfit.

5 crocheted pastel pink puff flowers embellished with glass pearls. 

A simple floral piece suitable for every day wear.

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