Ralph Rocks

upbeat top notes of citrus energy infused with sparkling passion fruit and fresh kiwi

free spirited mid notes of dewy freesia, hyacinth, orange blosson and whipped milk accord.

rebellious base notes of vintage woods, australian sandalwood and radiant amber crystals.

i’ve been using the classic Ralph Lauren for years, but this is definitely going to be joining my collection very soon!

Benefit… I love!

okay ignore the MAC, but i just bought my first Benefit Cosmetics and i am sold! I’m officially in love with the entire makeup line! i got “you’re bluffing” and “non fiction” and i want more!

“you’re bluffing” is a redness concealer, and it works like a charm! i even tried using it under the eyes to hide the dark circles, and i reckon it does quite a job too! plus, its so easy to blend. it’s a good bluff!

“non fiction” is a liquid foundation. i needed a darker shade cos i came back from manila a little browner, much to ben’s delight. yay for non fiction!

i want, i want! i must have!

dr. feelgood

an invisible mattifying balm!

get even

a pressed powder that hides shine and redness! a definite must buy when i’m done with my current MAC!


the perk-me-up powder! cos we all need that extra help looking good in the morning yes?


i’d call this the ultimate fake blush! it’s supposed to give your face the natural blush look!

Benefit’s products are priced a little on the high side. A liquid foundation costs about $60, which is about double or three times the normal brands like Maybelline and Loreal. A concealer costs about $50, so if you’re not used to the heavier price tags, it might take abit of convincing to make your first purchase.

but, take it from me. it’s worth every cent, especially with their whimsical packaging. it’s highly addictive!

i am eyeing every single thing that Benefit comes up with, but i will settle with these for now! -toooodles! :)

newspaper boo boo

the lian he zao bao article has been pushed back due to extensive coverage of the paper’s 85th anniversary.

i know, they did state it’ll be published on sunday… but what to do? will keep everyone posted. sorry if anyone bought the paper and wasn’t able to find the article! :(

the logic of things…

this is really interesting! never really thought about this, and i don’t know if there’s some other logical “biological” explanation for this but i’m pretty amazed by this argument derived from a Chinese excerpt

Ever wondered why a wedding ring should be worn on the fourth finger? Follow the arrangement shown above….

Try to open your thumb, the thumbs represent parents, it can be opened cause all humans do go through sickness and eventually die. Our parents will leave us one day.

Close your thumbs, then open your second fingers, the fingers represent brothers and sisters, they do have their own families which is why they will leave us too.

Now close your second fingers, open up your little fingers, this represents your children. Sooner or later they too will leave us for they have their own lives to live.

Finally, close your little fingers, try to open your fourth fingers which we put our wedding rings on, you will be surprised to find that it cannot be opened at all. Because it represents husband and wife, this whole life you will be attached to each other!

Pretty cool huh?


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