The Guestbook

hello everyone!

after much going back and forth, i thought it’d be a change to move my guestbook to a blog for easier updating and more interaction! :)

If you’ve bought something recently, please take some time to leave your feedback once you’ve received your order.

Be creative!

If you’d like to do more than just leave a comment, photos are more than welcome! If i get enough photo entries, i might actually consider a “contest” to give out vouchers or freebies maybe? Let me know what you girls / guys think!

here are some examples… these were done by me! :)

latest photo entry by Jeanice (added 30th march 2010)

thanks Jeanice for the awesome collage, it’s the best i’ve received so far! :)

7th september 2009


thanks for the photo Jasl! :)

july 18th 2009 – debbie’s photo entry!

looks like mystery has finally found an ipod to hold!


you can follow these “guidelines” when leaving a comment :

your name : (not necessarily your real name)

items purchased :

what you’d like to see on the website :

and any other comments you have :

email your photos to me at and i will upload them on this page!

♥ ♥ ♥

looking forward to hearing from everyone :)

love, jean

86 Replies to “The Guestbook”

  1. your name : debbie

    items purchased : mystery kitty ipod case

    hey jean, loved the really cute ipod case! never had an ipod case like tt silicon cases by a mile (: wld love to see more green things! i love green :D

  2. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  3. I’d want to thank jean for her thoughtfulness in packing my earrings. I received them in excellent conditions and gosh are they prettier in real than in the photos! I definitely will keep visiting her blog to check out the new designs and stuff! Good work jean! ^-^

  4. items purchased: Chanel half pearl in pink & in the garden with butterflies.

    Hi girl, like i told you in our email conversations i dont usually splurge on accessories as i dont think it’s worth it! HOWEVER, i must seriously say that the 2 bracelets i’ve bought are worth my moolah! It’s so unique & versatile.. it can look casual & classy (at the same time) with the beautiful pearls. Perfect & Loving it~

    Creativity is spelt over the awesome made bracelets!

  5. Item:customized

    Item arrive in nice packaging
    With a little sweet reminder note.
    Perfect condition!
    Although item was required to be done in just few days.
    There were no complaints & GREAT Customer Service!
    And all of this are done in a week :D
    Thanks A Million

  6. item: customized keyring.

    she was totally awesome, she not only made what i want for me and also packed it so well that really threw me off my chair when i opened it up. thanks so much for giving sucha wonderful experience as a fantastic bday gift! the service was excellent & her stuffs are just incredibly gorgeous. what more can i say. it was just perfect! once again, thanks gazillions! (:

  7. Purchased the chanel half pearl bracelet

    It is truly a beautiful piece, and she is really patient with answering all my queries that i would definitely come back to purchase more from her! Thanks!

  8. I got my chanel ring and dior hoops in the mail weeks ago actually. they’re even prettier in real life ! love them! whee. o, you wont even need to be afraid of getting them damaged en route me cause she packs them really carefully with bubble wrap! i’d a lil difficulty just opening it. ahha.

    can’t wait for more of her items to be put up on her website! :D

    1. heh! sorry about my difficult to open packages… i know you girls want to rip apart the packing as soon as you get it, but i really don’t take chances with having everything arrive in one piece.

      i’m glad you’re happy with your purchase! :)
      thank you!

  9. hello girls!
    thank you for all your lovely comments, it’s a joy having such a bubbly bunch!
    i’ll be looking forward to your next purchase! :)

    love, jean

  10. bought – teal rosette ring and vintage brooch
    both pieces were lovely :)
    these are my 3rd and 4th pieces from jeanine,
    keep those creative hands going :)

  11. items purchased : Pac Man Necklace

    what you’d like to see on the website : More Necklaces

    Sorry But I Am A Boring Girl.

    Thank You For Packing It So Well :)

    1. Thank you too!
      BTW, i just made pacman in more colors!
      You can purchase the different colors and wear a different one everyday!
      Photos will be up soon! :)

  12. I purchased a pair of gorgeous earrings from a seemingly ordinary blogshop,, yet behind hides an extraordinary owner/creator. It’s just a pair of earrings but it was meticulously packaged (with bubble wrap, styrofoam,etc.), accompanied with a personal note! It really makes me go “Awww~” That is what makes your items special – the sincerity of wanting to serve your customers your best products. Mm-hmm.

    1. thank you Kristine!
      That is by far one of the sweetest comments too!
      I recently got stickers printed, so hopefully you’ll purchase again soon and I’ll send you one with your next order! :)

  13. i’ve got 3 awesome stuffs: a pair of rose dangles earrings, a pair of storm clouds earrings and a rose hairband which was specially made by Jeanine! They are oh so gorgeous and well made! Items arrived in carefully well-wrap plastics and bubble wraps with little cute notes! Thank you so much Jeanine, for taking the time and trouble to hunt for the hairband that I’ve wanted! I love my loots so much! Am bookmarking your site and can’t wait for more new stuffs! :)

  14. I’ve purchased a necklace (Dreaming in Paris)
    and two earrings (bondi & Summer fling).
    Am using these as birthday gifts.
    & i am sure they will totally love it like i do.. ;-)

    Thanks Jeanine for coming up with all these lovely designs… Really wanna buy more stuffs, but…..*sigh!

    And girl, keep those designs coming.. Cant wait to see more of them! :-P

  15. I’ve purchased a studded ring and victorian bracelet! really love it!
    I’m glad that I can receive my items within 2 days, nicely wrapped up! GREAT JOB!
    great lovely designs u have! i will look forward to other accessories in the future!

  16. item purchased: i melt for chanel necklace
    the necklace – it was really creative and the chain was at the perfect length :) and i liked how you packed the package carefully with bubble wrap and all. you really took the effort and i really appreciated that. thanks :)

  17. I purchased the gift wrapped studs and the black celebrity blazer which came really meticulously packed! Loved the sticker included as well – stuck it in my notebook immediately! Am really excited to wear the blazer and earstuds and am looking forward to more pretty stuff ! :D

  18. hi! got jeanine to customise a ring for me and it turned out extremely cute and feminine! just the way i wanted it..

    she also takes the effort to find a particular charm for me to make a necklace for my boyfriend and i really appreciated that. :)

    looking forward to the next deal with her :)

    keep up the good work jean!


  19. Hello Jeanine! I received the package today and once again, I’m impressed by your sincere effort to make the customer feel so appreciated by purchasing your items. From the carefully sealed brown envelope, to the bubble wrapped items, to the sticker you included, to the little thank you message you written on the extra package, I truly feel delighted seeing all the small little details you make sure you see through. The 2 pair of ear studs are beautiful! I can’t wait to put them on and show them to my friends!

    It has always been a pleasure shopping at your shop and I too look forward to the next purchase. Keep up the good work! :)

  20. your name : ssuyii

    items purchased : cream flower hairclip

    what you’d like to see on the website : more hair accessories!!!!! =)

    and any other comments you have : Thanks for all the effort you put into every small minute details of your creation to make it so enjoyable shopping with you. I will definitely buy from you again. Love your creation to bits. Look forward to more of your beautiful stuff!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Items purchased: little miss marc, love me and snap snap.

    and any other comments you have :

    Sorry for all the trouble! But I really love the items!:D Looking forward to more cute little accessories! :D

    <3 Tammy

  22. Items purchased : little miss marc, Hershey’s earring, I love London Necklace and summer

    hi babe, i musta say you really put in alot effort to make it personalised to every customers and making them feel good and always want to return to buy some stuffs.. each package of yours always comes with a sweet touch..I prefer the 1st package that I received. it has more touches and surpises.. the 2nd package came in more professional though.. but little touches are minimal.. but still totally super duper better than any other bloggers whom I always buy..

    And I also recommend my friends to your blog as your items are always very qwerty and interesting.. will be good if you can keep a mailing list to notify of new items (perhaps you already have but I’m not on.. ;( )

    have fun and stay creative…

  23. Hi! i’ve received my coco vintage and I wore it out immediately! ((:
    i am usually very clumsy and losing bits off charm bracelets, but I still couldn’t resist getting your bracelet. And Im glad that the bottle cap on your bracelet seems so much more secure than any other charm bracelets I had before. certainly worth the money.
    thank you for the effort put into making the bracelet and packing it so neat and not forgetting to leave a little handwritten note, it makes one feel delighted.
    you are a great girl (:

    love, Serene

  24. Items purchased : customised ‘Joy’ ring

    I just received the ring and it’s definitely gorgeous and worth every cent that i’ve paid! The ring was really customised with love and care, and the quality is fantastic as well (:
    Jeanine is also fast and efficient, and very very sweet, making sure that she caters to the customer’s every need.
    Awesome stuff with awesome service!
    Will definitely come back for more :D

    Love, Selmin.

  25. Item purchased: Vintage Chanel Bracelet II

    It was a pleasant surprise when I saw the bracelet in my mailbox just a few minutes ago! The handwritten note and sticker was a refreshing personal touch, unlike other online stores that I have purchased from. It makes the buyer feel super appreciated (and can I say, loved? :>). The bracelet’s amazing and I can’t wait to wear it out. Sorry for all the numerous queries before purchasing though! And psst, the sticker has got itself on my organiser already! :>

    Have a good weekend.


  26. Items purchased: earrings, all floral in nature

    Hey there jean! Wanted to drop a note to say I adore my new earrings, and judging from the compliments I’ve been receiving, I’m not the only one =) The handwritten notes were so lovely, and I especially love the cute stamps you used. Did you carve them yourself? Looking through your website at all the pretty things is quite the highlight in my day, so keep up the great job!


    ps. I got quite a kick out of popping the bubble wrap too, so you can imagine how happy receiving your package made me. Weird I know, but true =)

    1. thanks Kim!
      your comments really made me smile too!
      and don’t worry you’re not the only one who enjoys popping bubble wrap…
      there was once i just bought a few rolls of it and my mum was holding it for me and she started popping it! i was like… nooooooo! that’s for packaging!!!

      i’m really glad you like your earrings and studs. and yes, i carved the stamps myself!
      i did a reindeer today for christmas season… will be looking forward to your next order! :)

      love, jean

      1. Hey there =)

        glad to hear I’m not the only one with a fascination for bubble

        wrap! The stamps you carved are really lovely; have you not considered selling them on your website as well? I know I could use a reindeer stamp for the Christmas season if you’re ever thinking of selling that one =)

        Have a great weekend!


      2. yes i will be selling them!
        just managed to get my website program up and running on my mac, so lots of new adds very soon! stick tight if you like the idea of butterfly earrings :)

  27. Item purchased: bracelet

    Thanks Jean, i have got my item and it is lovely. Like the quirky design. Hope to see more charms coming :) Very personalized packaging too.


  28. It has been a while since I logged into your website but my oh my, things are looking very good!! LOVE THE NEW STUFF AND SALE ITEMS! I’ve recommended it to friends and they love it to bits too. Thanks so much for bringing such cool fashion and accessories into our little world! Will keep up with the website and let you know the things I would like to buy =)


  29. Hi Jean, just received the Mulberry Mulberry bracelet yesterday. Love it! Thnx for taking the effort to dig through your materials and re-make it for me. Simply lovely :-)

  30. items purchased : vivienne westwood charm!

    and any other comments you have :
    Hi Jean! just received the bracelet, and awwww it’s so pretty, i cant wait to wear it out:))))))) thk u so much with the patient answering of all my queries, so sorry to have troubled you! all in all, its really a great great pleasure to be purchasing from you dearie! all the thoughtfulness, neatness, high professionalism, i simply cant ask for more!!! thks loads once againnnn love!!!!!!

    much love, siying

  31. Hi Jeanine!
    Took a bit of an effort to put the J’adore Chanel bracelet on, but other than that, it was just pure bliss to find the bracelet in the mail! The charms are really pretty and rest assured, I’d take good care of this. (It being one of your favourite pieces!) :> I’m looking fwd to more bracelets!

  32. Hi jean! i received my TWTL.TRTD ring a couple of days ago! And i liked it very much! But somehow the ring fell apart soon after i took it out of the box >: But! no worries i managed to stick it back myself with epoxy glue! Still love it tho!

    1. oh no!
      sorry about that. glad you could fix it tho!
      and you made a smart choice with epoxy too! usually people think superglue does the trick but well, it isn’t really super with rings… :)

  33. Hello Jean! I LOVE the Oui and Non necklace I bought! I also loved your sincere effort to make the purchase so appreciated; the little handwritten note, the cute stamps, the nicely sealed brown envelop with the bubble wrapped around the necklace. I am truly delighted with the little details you put into a single purchase. I had a great time popping the bubble wrap too! =)

    Keep up your good work! Looking forward to my next purchase.

    1. thanks jess for the very sweet comments!
      oh dear you girls really love the bubble wrap don’t you?
      you’re not the only one! hahaha! looks like i have bubble wrap popping fanatics! :)

  34. Hi Jeanine,
    Thanks for the fast post. I like the radio-gaga tee…so cool!
    This is the first time I bought from you and I will sure continue to buy from you in future…so pls bring in more cute cute stuff la! :)

  35. items purchased : customised jetsetting bracelet

    I love how sweet and patient Jeanine has been throughout the entire transaction. I retrieved the item from my mailbox on my way out and I wore it the same day! It was so nicely wrapped I didn’t have the heart to open it!

    I really like how you put in so much effort and thought you put into even the packaging. Thanks so much for the lovely note and sticker too!

    Have a wonderful 2010! (:

  36. Hey Jeanine!
    Just got all your stuff after dad arrived back from Singapore a couple days ago and passed it to me. Thanks so much, everything is perfect. I’m most crazy bout the zipper ring, looks very different in real life, much cuter!! :) and all the rest of the loot is fantastic as well. and thanks for the free gift! hehe!
    Will recommend you to friends fo sho, and hope to make more transactions with you in the future!

  37. HI jeanie, my gal absolutely luff the bracelet u customised for her. She is asking when will jeanie jie jie be doing the barney..:))

  38. your name : Natasha

    items purchased : elmo earrings, heart ring and bottlecap ring

    Hey Jeanine,
    Thanks for the fast and efficient response, even for the remake of elmo!!! really love all the products i bought from you.. will definitely order from you again!

    Thanks once again! (:

  39. Item purchased: Zipper necklace (customised)

    This is my second time purchasing and im again very impressed by the customer service + packaging! Jeanine never ceases to amaze and the necklace has already gotten compliments after i wore it out yesterday right after i received it :) Thank you for the necklace and i’ll definitely be back for more of your lovely accessories!

  40. thanks jeanine! i received my items in perfect condition and they look oh-so-gorgeous in real life! i can’t wait to wear it when i go cny visiting! im so happy~ will definitely get more stuff! happy cny =)

  41. your name : shirley

    items purchased : LOTS!

    hey!ive got my items already.sorry for being quite a troublesome customer! thanks for being zillionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn patient with me (:
    my friend got her ring and loved it,din expect that they’ll look so nice cause it looked a little weird in the photos as it was a close up. BUT MY FRIEND TOTALLY ADORED IT.and my key ring looks awesome cant have asked for better.

    im afraid i may have to trouble you soon again when i set my eyes on new gorgeous item of yours.

    SHIRLEY (:

  42. Dear Jean,

    Thank you so much for being creative and creating such beautiful key chains for me. I like their unqiueness and I m gonna show off to my friends.

    Love them lots and I will sure come back for more.

    Thank you.


  43. your name : Regine
    items purchased : Customised keyrings‏

    I really love the keyrings you customised, Jean! It’s so pretty! I’m so excited to recieve it since the day you mail it out and have been checking the letter box everyday. One week past and I still dont see it in the letter box. I though it gonna be a lost mail! Lucky it finally came!! Pheww! I think if it doesnt come I will order another one from you!! I love it so much okay!! Actually, I love almost all ur creation!! Just that too much to afford! Hahaha!

    All the best Jeanine!
    Keep up your good work! <3 :D

  44. Hey babe, just got back from overseas and got your package with the striped case and pins. They are so pretty i feel like keeping them for myself! Great needlework and your skills are so fine my brother commented if i bought this from shops outside.

    Please keep up on the marvellous work and continue bringing us all this pretty things! (:

  45. Pingback: Lotsa LOVE! «
  46. item purchased: ‘take that!’ ring (:

    this is my first time purchasing from jeanine, and it was definitely one of the fastest, most efficient transactions ever! PLUS, a lot of thought was put into the packaging, despite it only being a small piece! have already recommended your site to a few friends, and looking at the items here, i think i’d definitely be buying more in time to come! thanks for everything! (:

    ADE (:

  47. Bought: A Lion’s Tale

    I love it! It was very thoughtful of you to leave the little message and sticker=) Definitely coming back for more so keep the good stuff going ya!

  48. Received my Chanel Fanatic Tee.

    Love my purchase. What I like about ordering from Jean is that her hand-written personal note is full of surprises; for every different items I bought from her, she will always include different thank you note inside. I don’t even bare to throw them.

    Anyway I will definitely shop more from you.

    ps: love to read your blog too.


  49. Item purchased : The Weekend Playsuit

    Hey! I have received my item with your little note(:
    I love it! it came in good condition and it fits me nicely(:

    Jean is very friendly and nice during the transaction. I will definitely be back for more items(:

  50. Jeanine is one helluva fast and efficient babe! Customisation always take eons for others, but Jeanine made it soo simple and most imptly HASSLE-FREE. I’ve yet to receive my item, but I’m already having the urge to leave a feedback for this one wonderful service given!

    She updates me with what she has done with pictures, asked for my opinion and she is willing to modify further if I was not satisfied.

    It’s definitely a NO REGRET order. I feel Happy even by just looking at the images she sent! Now now, I’m reeeeally excited for the REAL THING.

    Go Jeanine! Thank you so much for the customized service!

    Will recommend lotsa friends to purchase from you! <3<3

  51. I bought a customized charm bracelet for a friend leaving to france. I was very impressed with your quick responses and recommendations.

    Upon receiving the package, the bracelet was nicely bubble-wrapped and you even attached a gift tag cause you knew I was sending it to a friend. Your thoughtfulness is really a gem.

    Will definitely consider all future accessories to be purchased here. Recommended!

  52. Hey Jeanine,

    I stumbled upon your site was I was doing research for a paper and I’ve been hooked. The thing that has left an impression on me is your willingness to attend to my (almost) million queries and your ability to steer my over creativity in the right direction. hee.

    I like your prompt-ness, your willingness to advice and your designs of course.

    Now, I shall wait to be provided w payment details. And then, my wait for the pretty package shall start.


  53. Hey Jean,

    So, I’m writing again. I’ve gotten 5 pieces from you so far and I’m absolutely loving every one of them. My favourite is Zoe. Followed by the Bunny and then by the customized bracelet (which I decided to keep in the end). The other two are not countd since they were gifts. haha. BUTTTTT, they were totally loved too!

    I’v been splurging quite a bit on your site but I am totally in loveeee.

  54. Hi Jeanine!

    Received the ring in good condition, it was very securely wrapped with a cute handwritten note to perk it up.

    Will get more next time!


  55. HEY ! i got my pacman ring and my custzmized glee ring .

    i purposely went out yesterday just to wear them out . HAHA.

    THANKS. i’ll surely make future purchases.

  56. My friend introduced me to this website, and I’m so thankful that I even came across this site, cause its really awesome! I’m quite a frequent online shopper, but never have I come across one like Jeanine that puts so much effort in packaging my rings, to ensure they arrive in one piece. She even wrote a note! That was really sweet. (((: Btw, love your handwriting. You’re by far the best online shop owner (or however you call it). haha Not only does she have nice things, she’s also the sweetest! Thanks! :D

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