Kiteboarding in Hua Hin

It seems like just yesterday we were in Hua Hin, but it’s already been over half a year that’s gone by and my posts are way overdue! (Sorry booboo!) I took over 600 photos and since I’m terrible at selecting just a few I decided to split the trip into parts to blog about separately, and this is the main reason why we chose Thailand.

When Robin and I were in Hua Hin last November, our “hosts” were ironically not Thai, but German. We first met Dzevad at the kite shop that was tucked away in a little street corner where we were to pick up the equipment Robin had pre-ordered.20131116_131133Robin with Dzevad who runs North Kiteboarding.

20131116_131203Here you’ll find all the equipment you’ll need, from kites and boards to safety vests and even bikinis.


20131116_124843Ah huh. The girl’s board I was staring at for the longest time.

Anyhoos, since we arranged to meet Dzevad the next day for Robin’s lessons, he offered to bring the equipment to the beach so we could go on and explore Hua Hin without lugging around the equipment. So we did!

The next day Dzevad picked us up from the hotel bright and early. I was expecting a car or van of sorts but two guys showed up at the hotel lobby on motorbikes and I totally freaked out. Robin probably had no idea before that, but I have this phobia of riding on motorbikes cause I’m so afraid I’ll fall off. I didn’t think I had much of a choice so I grit my teeth and got on the bike, shaking. I didn’t even have a helmet on, that would be illegal in Singapore! The wind was cold and that didn’t help with the nervousness at all, but I got through it and that was one part of the trip I will never forget. *Phew

20131117_101600All stocked up! Equipment for rent at the Kite school. Wet suits √

20131117_10162020131117_114103Boards √

20131117_095451The Banana board has since become one of the two boards that Robin owns.

20131117_113219This being the first.




While Robin had his lessons, I was pretty much just roaming the beach, taking videos, playing with the camera and more jelly fish. Despite the rain, we had a jolly fun time! :D


 The Kite School is located right by the beach. You can even rent rooms here for a very reasonable rate, and it’s as close to the beach as you can get, not to mention a team of very friendly kite boarders who are more than happy to show you around!

You can get more detailed information and find out more about North Kiteboarding on Robin’s blog {here}


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