The Carnival Collection – Cause everyday should be a carnival!

If you’re following me on Instagram, you would have seen all the sneak peeks I’ve uploaded leading up to this launch, but… why Carnival? Well, it started out with three colors, Magenta, Hyacinth and Teal. They’re not exactly your “safe” colors, but think Mardi Gras and you’ll probably sink right in to the whole Carnival feel. Of course, Mardi Gras is a lot more outrageous than the pieces you will see in this collection, but I want these pieces to be wearable even on a daily basis.

Cause everyday should be a carnival!

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Coincidentally, Mardi Gras (also known as Fat Tuesday) was just two days ago!

Carnivals make people happy and creates positive vibes all around. Carnivals are bold and carnivals are expressive, did I say carnivals make people really happy? So why just day dream about going to a carnival (cause there’s really nothing like that in Singapore) if you can rock that happy vibe through your outfits and get others in a happy mood too?

Everyone has different tastes, and some may not be as quick to warm up to bold colors, so with that in mind I created a collection of varied looks, while still encapsulating that carnival vibe. Each piece is the final product of hours of snipping, arranging, rearranging, and more rearranging. I never know what a piece is going to look like until I’m done. But I create every piece with the same aim in mind, that it will cheer you up and inspire you even on the gloomiest days like a Carnival would!

Here’s Part 1 of The Carnival Collection! Happy Shopping!

Please note : As with all handmade pieces, no two remakes of a design will be carbon copies of each other.


Kaleidoscope Dreams – $45

The highlight of The Carnival Collection! Many of you have been asking for brighter, bolder colors, I hope this is what you girls imagined and more. Definitely a happy go-to piece!

( 4 pieces in-stock // 4 remakes available. )

All slots pending, invoices for this piece will be sent out within 24 hours. Thank you for the overwhelming response!


Just looking at this makes me happy! I couldn’t help editing this photo to create a realistic kaleidoscope effect!


Carnival costumes often have “wings” or feathered head pieces that resemble birds or a peacock with it’s tail spread open. Apart from standing out in the crowd, I believe they portray confidence, uninhibited expression of oneself, daring to stand out and be bold, and that was the main inspiration behind the next few pieces.

We all need to remember to not be afraid to spread our wings in order to fly higher and reach greater heights!


The Psychedelic Bird – $39

(In-stock sold, remake availability to be confirmed)


I might restock the fabric to remake this piece if you girls are interested, there may be only one piece available now but if you’re interested please do indicate your interest! :)



The Butterfly Effect – $39

(In-stock sold, limited remakes available)


Which do you see? The little butterfly in the middle or the bird that has spread its wings?



Bloom In Blue – $39

(In-stock sold, limited remakes available)

I doubt you’d get in trouble wearing this to the office! It’s artsy yet still somewhat polished. Gotta love pearls!




carnival-carnivalgems copy

Carnival Gems – $39

(In-stock sold, all remake slots pending)

A quirky combination of navy blue and mint green, topped with faux pearls on a string of pearls. Yes! More pearls!

Not quite loud and definitely not in your face, but Mardi Gras is never complete without strings of beads and pearls! This piece actually doubles up nicely as a drapping head piece!



Things to note :

  • Orders will be processed on a first comment basis, all comments will be moderated.
  • Invoices for INSTOCKS will be sent out within 24 hours if your order is confirmed.
  • Please note that invoices will be sent out on a FIRST COMMENT BASIS, if payment is not made within the stated period, the slot will go to the next interested person.


  •  Prices listed do not include shipping costs. Items priced at $45 and above ship for free within Singapore by normal mail, AM mail/registered mail would be an additional charge of $2.80.
  • For orders below $45, the standard shipping costs apply. $2 for normal mail and $4 for registered mail.
  • Colors may reflect differently due to different screen settings, do allow for slight color variations. The pieces almost always look better in real life. :)

To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed item :

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB

38 Replies to “The Carnival Collection – Cause everyday should be a carnival!”

  1. Your name : Cheryl Yong

    Confirmed item : Bloom in Blue
    Mail option : Registered 

    Preferred payment : POSB

  2. Your name : Cheryl Yong

    Confirmed item : Kaleidoscope Dreams
    Mail option : Registered 

    Preferred payment : POSB

  3. Your name : Shao Wen

    Confirmed item : carnival gems

    Mail option : Normal

    Preferred payment : POSB

  4. Your name : Adrienne
    Confirmed item :Kaleidoscope dreams & butterfly effect
    Mail option : Registered
    Preferred payment : POSB

  5. Your name : Celeste

    Confirmed item : The Psychedelic Bird

    Mail option : Normal

    Preferred payment : DBS/POSB

  6. Your name : Boey Jingyi

    Confirmed item : 2 pcs of kaleidoscope dreams / 1 butterfly effect / 1 carnival gems

    Mail option : Normal

    Preferred payment : POSB

  7. Your name : Chen LiJun
    Confirmed item : Kaleidoscope Dreams
    Mail option : Registered
    Preferred payment : DBS

  8. Your name : Lee Yuen Mei

    Confirmed item : Kaleidoscope Dreams
    Mail option : Normal 

    Preferred payment : POSB

  9. Name: Sharon Lim
    Psychedelic bird
    Bloom in blue
    Carnival gem

    Is remake available for blue & black V3? If so, I would like yo confirm too

  10. Your name : Calista

    Confirmed item : Kaleidoscope Dreams
    (Is this still available pleasepleaseplease :D)

    Mail option : Normal

    Preferred payment : POSB

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