Sponsored Review : Mygenlife Bustful Nectar

With the New Year just a day away, most of us are probably scrambling to pen those new year’s resolutions and goals. If your goals include detoxing, slimming down, achieving better skin or keeping your bust perky, Mygenlife might just be what you need! Thanks to Mygenlife’s team of professors and dermatologists, medical-grade products are now available on pharmacy shelves!

There are 5 different “Nectars” in Mygenlife’s range of drinks and I was sent the “Bustful Nectar” for review!


Before I get into the review of the Bustful Nectar, here’s a quick look at the other four nectars! I’d personally love to try them, with the exception of the slimming one of course, don’t think I have any extra weight I need to lose. I’ll definitely be checking out reviews of the other nectars by fellow Sample Store bloggers!


We all know by now how important Collagen is in keeping us looking and feeling youthful, but if we could get our much needed daily dose of Collagen and keep our reproductive system healthy at the same time, why not?


The Bustful Nectar contains 4 main ingredients:

Collagen Peptide renders elasticity to the breasts, nourishes the ligaments to boost the bust line.
Pueraria Mirifica, also known as กวาวเครือ Kwao Krua is a great source of classical phytoestrogens that supports development of your bust.
Green Papaya Juice has a rare enzyme that supports and simulates breast glands which is beneficial to your bust line.
Wild Yam contains phytonutrients that supports the stimulation of breast growth. In addition, it is beneficial to women’s reproductive health.

Combined with other ingredients like Blueberry juice, Black Jujube juice, and other root extracts, this is one bottle of natural goodness to boot! So what exactly does a “concoction” of Kwao Krua, Green Papaya, Wild Yam, Blueberries and Black Jujube taste like? Like a fruit juice of course! It actually taste quite similar to prune juice with a slightly bitter aftertaste, it didn’t bother me very much though!


With all that goodness packed into one tiny bottle, it is convenient to pop one into your bag each morning to take to work. The dark colored glass bottles keep out UV light and protect the integrity of its contents. Being a DIY junkie, I’ll definitely be keeping these glass bottles around for other uses instead of throwing them out!

Priced at slightly over $8 per bottle, the price is definitely a consideration point and results are said to show within 4 weeks with the other nectars so it’s really hard to say after a week whether it worked or not. For $200 a month, if something safe and natural that works from the inside out can produce visible results, I think it is worth a shot. After all, it sure beats spending thousands on invasive aesthetic treatments later on that are only address the surface problem. Like I always say, prevention is better than cure so take care of your skin and body while you’re young!


Each box of Mygenlife’s Nectars contain 6 (50ml) bottles and retails at $49.90, available at Guardian Pharmacies and online from Hannah Holdings.

mygenlife nectars

This range of products are also available to sample from The Sample Store! Don’t have an account yet?


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