Untrodden Territory


Dress from ASOS

On Saturday, the family gathered at Marina Barrage for an early double birthday dinner. I was looking forward very much to a seafood dinner, but the food at Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant at Marina Barrage was quite a disappointment. $5 for a small basket of french fries, $50/kg of chilli crab which did not impress at all, you get the idea.

The only thing that made up for it was to be in good company, and the lovely scenic view of a part of Singapore I have yet to explore.

Enjoy my random weekend snaps!





We managed to catch the national flag flying by since the rehearsals were ongoing, this is the closest I’ve ever seen it as they were flying just overhead.


The view just before 7pm.


The view at 930pm.

All photos were taken with my Samsung S3 using the Pudding Camera application, edited with Fotor for Mac.

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