Sponsored Review : Liese Bubble Hair Color in Jewel Pink


I was really excited to try Liese’s new Bubble Hair Color in Jewel Pink, my mum asked if I was sure I wanted pink hair. I must admit I was excited and nervous, I did some googling beforehand and judging from other reviews, no one actually ended up with PINK hair…


My hair prior to the color session, photo taken indoors on a very sunny day!

20130329_221907_Fotor_20130424 copy


Bubbly, very bubbly. I’d say foamy but bubbly does sound cooler.


“I don’t recognise my hair…. It looks like a bee hive on my head.”

But seriously this foam really stays on your head. Walk, run, jump (if you dare) the foam is not going anywhere. No drips, no mess, I say yay anyday!

So, did I get pink hair? Well, unfortunately, no.

20130405_154839_Fotor_20130424 copy

Indoors with really strong sunlight, it just looks very brown. According to the product information, Jewel Pink would give you a shiny brown with a touch of pink. I can’t find even the tiniest hint of pink but I am loving the brown!

Photo on 16-4-13 at 6.04 PM #2

Here’s what it looks like when I’m sitting right next to the window with the sun in my face, or hair rather. I left the photo completely unedited (color/tone wise). I don’t think the color looks like that in normal light, this is probably just due to the extremely strong sun. It’s not noticeably pink so if you are going for full on pink hair, this color will disappoint you. But if you’re just looking for a nice brown that’s not over top then go ahead and give Jewel Pink a shot!

The things I must give kudos to tho, is the fact that after washing and conditioning with the treatment included, it doesn’t feel like I colored my hair at all! My hair was so soft and smooth! That, coupled with an easy, mess free application, I give Liese’s bubble hair color range the thumbs up! :)

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