Get Happier Skin with Bio-Essence’s Bio Spring Water!

GOSH! 2013 has been nothing short of hectic so far, but I’m so glad I finally had time to sit down and share this with all of you! I’m sure most of you would have heard of Bio-Essence’s new “miracle water”, the Bio Spring Water, I mean. It’s all over town, on radio, so what exactly is this miracle water that’s fronting most pharmacies?

It boasts 20 excellent efficacies, reduces eye bags, relieves pimples, firms skin, and controls oil, just to name a few…


We’ve all come across mineral water sprays, but this is definitely the first one I’ve come across that is so sure of its effects that they are offering an exchange if you don’t see immediate results after 3 days. How can you not want to try something banded with such a deal? With a guarantee like that, there must be something about this product, and I’m very glad I got to try it out for myself!


We all get excited when a product claims to shrink our enlarged pores, heal acne, and keep that oily skin under control, but remember, your pimples are not going to just vanish the very moment you treat your face to a spritz of this spring water, and your oily skin is not going to suddenly turn matte and dewy and crystal clear. So don’t be too discouraged or too quick to say “this doesn’t work like it claims to” if you don’t see DRASTIC changes early on like the photos below.


Like I mentioned, this is spring water, not some magic potion that’ll give you gloriously flawless skin in a snap, but it does take you a couple steps closer. I personally like using it as a pre-makeup “toner”, and then again after makeup to “set” my makeup. Apart from imparting a dewy, more natural look, I’ve also noticed that my skin doesn’t get oily as quickly as it used to, and because my skin is more hydrated, makeup goes on better too.


I used to get really dry patches of skin that at times get really itchy and flaky that no amount of moisturizer or primer could fix, but after using the Bio Spring Water, (combined with the use of a moisturiser) those pesky rough, itchy patches have since subsided. Just a couple of weeks back I had a rough, itchy patch on my cheek and just under my right eye, it was soooo hideous and frustrating! I don’t even know what caused it, but as you can see it’s gone and that’s all that matters! :D

It also works well with relieving the itch from heat rash, thank goodness, otherwise I would have scratched myself to death. Perhaps it might offer that much needed relief for people who suffer from eczema? So, I exhausted the 100ml can that was provided for this review… Will I be making a paid purchase? Of course!

Bio-Essence’s Bio Spring Water is available in 3 different sizes, a mini 25ml ($5.90), 100ml ($12.90) and 300ml ($28.90).

If you’re fast enough, Watson’s has a double pack offer which will save you quite a bit! I’m pretty sure other pharmacies and departmental stores have similar offers, keep an eye out for them and get happier skin! :)

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