What’s the deal with “The Girl Next Door”?

Over the past few weeks, my Instagram feed has gone crazy becos of one thing, The Girl Next Door. So….. What exactly is the deal with this girl next door? Who is she?

Well, it’s not exactly a girl but it is what I named one of my designs. The Girl Next Door. The Girl Next Door isn’t someone who is obsessed with shiny rocks, but instead down to earth and accessible, although at times charming to the point of being slightly intimidating to others… (According to Wikipedia)

It started with this, the very first piece. I never imagined I’d be making subsequent versions of it but as it turns out, I’m currently at version 4.

What I called, “the very pink version”. This was snapped up quick that I totally forgot to take a proper photo of it myself. So I “stole” this photo off Instagram from one of my customers who found a really cute way to display her necklace. According to her, “necklace in the day, decor by night”, thanks for this amazing photo Si Min! :)

When I exhausted all my pink fabric, I decided to cut up a whole piece of stripey fabric I bought awhile back, and created version 3! I didn’t have much fabric to go around for this color combination since there were only that many lines of pink from the entire piece of fabric.

And what did I do with the rest of the fabric? The blue and off white stripes went into version 4!

This is currently the only version still available for purchase by remake, the slots are filling up fast tho, you might want to pop into the store to try to secure a remake slot!

I hope to be able to restock some of the fabric I have run out of to make remakes available for the previous sold out versions, but! No promises just yet. If that fails, you can be sure to look forward to seeing many more versions of The Girl Next Door! :)

Have a fantastic weekend ya’ll! The countdown to 2013 begins.


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