Something for the Men.

Before I show you what it is I finally have in store for the boys…. I’ve been revamping the store front a weeeeeeeeeeee bit. Just a little. Some tidying up here, some tweaking there…. And it’s looking something like this.


Still working on the other pages but I hope to have a revamped site by…. Monday? I hope I’m not being overly ambitious. It sure is a challenge to run a store alone… The storefront, the products, the designs, the making, packing, mailing….. Okay enough of that! Ready to see what I got for the boys? *grin

Did you guess? :)

Right now I only have these two pairs instock, and they are S$20 a pair. I definitely need inspiration for new ones… I was thinking of satin floral cufflinks for the babes who suit up… But, how many girls actually use cufflinks? Are YOU one of them?

>>>>> See these in store : CUFFLINKS!

If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment or drop me an email!

Have a great weekend ya’ll! xx

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