brunch @ sauce

Part 2 of Robin’s birthday celebrations! Brunch at Sauce! A great place to be at on a lazy Sunday afternoon… Or any other time of day for that matter.

Eggs Benedict. Awesome flavor but my eggs were over poached. I think I might have made a better Hollandaise the first time I tried, this one must have been left out for pretty long cos it wasn’t runny anymore. Never liked asparagus cos it’s so bitter, that still stands.

Smoked salmon. Robin had this, I haven’t tried. Don’t know why I didn’t but I will next time! Makes me want to run to the supermarket and buy a pack of smoked salmon, creme fraîche and table water crackers; I’m fine skipping the capers. Only problem is, it’s past 1am.

You cannot go to Sauce and not have Spam chips, seriously. These are addictive as hell. They’re $8 a bowl, pretty pricey for chips when a tin of spam probably only costs like what $2? Idk, but these are soooooooooo good. I’m actually craving these right now. xx

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