Onwards F/W 2011 Showcase at Avalon

If you’ve never attended a fashion showcase, here’s a little teaser.

These videos feature Dip Drops’ collection, which was my personal favourite amongst the three brands showcased. The other two were ICB & Rosebullet.

Pardon the low quality tho, I use my blackberry for photos and videos these days cos it’s really quite pointless to carry around a camera that dies after a few shots, should really start camera hunting soon-ish.

Here are some better shots I got off LIFESTYLEASIA.

 { ICB }

 Dip Drops }

 Rosebullet }

To be honest I only know two people in this photo, Jen with her rainbow hair and Nicole sticking her head out from behind me. Anyways, if you’d like to view the entire photo set on LIFESTYLEASIA, > > click here < <


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